We've been in the upholstery business for over 35 years. During the course of that time we've taken notice that many riders had beautiful bikes but with manufactured stock seats. There was a dire need for us to expand our range of services to the biker circuit. So we went mobile and Master Lugo's Custom Upholstery & Motorcycle Seats was born. 

     At Master Lugo's we custom tailor bike seats to fit the needs of the individual not just the bike. Our modifications work with your tail bone, reach, height, to where you feel the most comfortable and have better control of your ride. We know that you will see and feel the difference when the seat is customized to meet your specific needs. Two of the largest complaints from riders are that they feel that they "bottom out" or the seat is to high.

If no two people are the same, then it make sense that stock seats are not for everyone. At Master Lugo's your comfort is our mission and we put our guarantee on it.

Master Lugo's Custom Upholstery 

A Master Craftsman for High Quality Work