Master Lugo's Custom Upholstery 

A Master Craftsman for High Quality Work

Here's a summary of what you get from us and how you benefit from our services.
1) Personal Consultation
2) Customized Fitting & Inlays
3) Large Selection Of Exotic Synthetic Materials
4) UV Treated
5) Water Repellant
6) We Use Real Memory Foam
7) Work Done While You Wait.
8) One Year Warranty On Craftsmanship
1) Your Personal Needs Come First.
2) Increases Percieved Value & Curb Appeal Of Your Motorcycle.
3) Choice Of Materials Equals Greater Satisfaction.
4) Protection From Sun & Weather Makes It Last Longer.
5) Real Memory Foam Creates Better Comfort.
6) Reduced Numbness & Dead Butt.
7) No shipping & Waiting Weeks To Get Your Order.
8) Peace Of Mind Knowing You Got What You Paid For.